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Discount Rentals

FNB Rental ClubFNB Rental Club

This service is available to customers who have a personal checking account with FNB and who are in good standing with the Bank*.  No enrollment is required!

  • No monthly fees
  • Customers that meet the above requirements will be entitled to 50% off the rental rate for up to two days (excluding insurance cost and haul fees, if any)
  • Includes: Farm & Building Equipment,  Lawn & Garden Equipment and much more.
  • Visit for equipment listings.

*Good standing is defined as, including but not limited to, having no charged off loans, charged off credit cards or charged off Overdrafts; no loans 60 days or more past due; being current with any overdraft repayment plants; and being in compliance with any policies or standard operational procedures of the Bank.         

**Due to high acquisition and maintenance cost, Worley's Rental has reserved certain pieces of equipment from this program.  Example:  Bulldozers, Commercial Backhoes, Skytracks, etc.                                      


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