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Congratulations to our winners!


Jacob Bolt 177  Ben Harp 2/8

Matt Gillham & Jacob Bolt

 1st Place Big Buck 

 Matt Gillham & Ben Harp  

1st Place Youth Buck



Prizes (Both Big Buck and Youth Buck)

1st:  $1,000 Bass Pro Gift Card

2nd: $500 Bass Pro Gift Card

3rd/4th: Butch Hanby Custom Knife


This will be an annual event, so be ready for next season!




 Big Bucks

Youth Bucks 


 Jacob Bolt Buck

Jacob Bolt

David Harp  

Ben Harp


Skylor Gibson 156 4/8 

Skylor Gibson

Makenzie Tipton 116 6/8

Makenzie Tipton


Loyd Dowell 147 2/8

Loyd Dowell

Jace Curtis 116 5/8 3

Jace Curtis













   Gipson Wilson 101 1/8

Gipson Wilson





























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